Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Alice In Wonderland

Hey everyone!

    For the passed couple weeks I have been working and painting like crazy to get things ready for a special Mini session I will be doing! For those of you who don't know I'm going to be doing an entire day of Alice in Wonderland Mini sessions on June 20th!

So I thought in preparation for the big day I would make a post about all different things we did to make the set :) 
Lets start with these chairs:

Definitely not very Alice In Wonderland inspiring, but with a bucket of paint and a little bit of time they turned into these brightly colored pieces of furniture:)

The next step was finding something to put with these chairs, and what better thing than some Fairy tales : 

K....So not exactly fairy tales...or very fitting for this theme. This time spray paint and some tape came to my rescue:

Next were flowers, tea pots and clocks, but I won't waste your time looking at black clocks and yellow tea pots. 
When everything was done it looked better than I could have ever imagined! :) 

All of  this was originally created for a Graduation Open house so it was used all day for some fun shots like a photo booth:) 

But I did manage to sneak some adorable photos that weren't quite as cheesy :

While most of the girls leaned towards the pink frame (hence all the photos with a hot pink picture frame) We also painted a yellow for the boys who weren't as excited to put there heads in the pink one ;)
 I had so much fun getting to put all of this together and I'm really hoping the day of  the Alice in wonderland mini sessions goes perfect as planned.

P.S. Even though most of these pictures are of babies this set is definitely not exclusively for younger children. Teens, families with teens, and Seniors would all be perfect for this as well! 

If you or someone you know would like some more information that isn't listed here feel free to email me at:


or call

(219)- 561-8185

I can't wait to catch your memories! :) 

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