Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer 2014: One for the Books

Hey Everybody! 

   This summer has by far been one of the best summers I've ever had! It's been so busy and crazy but I wouldn't trade any of it! 
   Not only have I had the best summer ever, but I've been able to capture other peoples excitement and reaction to the magic of summer nights and exciting days. 
   No, I'm not a stalker who takes pictures of random people, I'm a photographer who wants to catch all the special moments in life and be able to share them with the world. Seeing people is my favorite thing about photography, capturing candid moments and smiles is what I love to do :) 

All of the above pictures are from Laporte County's 4th of July parade and while I know it's been a while I still wanted to be able to share these with everyone :) 

I still really wish I had known who this couple was! 

4th of July 2014 was definitely one for the books! :) 

All of this happened in one weekend such a busy couple days but 100% worth it to see all the smiling faces of everyone who was enjoying the holiday. :)

As if Laporte didn't have enough going on our fair was the very next week. Now you have to understnad that Fair time is my absolutely my favorite time of year! The smells, the friends, the rides, the memories...Ahh, I love it :) 

Sadly Summer 2014 is almost over but I definitely plan on catching so many more adventures and memories before fall arrives :) 

 Have an amazing day everyone!! :) 

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