Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ice Water

Hey Everybody,
     So tonight My family and my Pastor and his wife went out to dinner after church. We started talking about photography and  Miss Dawn (My pastor's wife) asked me to show Pastor my new camera and how it worked and what it does, so I showed him and he looked at pictures and then gave it back with a confused look on his face " There's too many buttons" he said, "Not really, especially after you learn what they do," I replied. About that  time the waitress brought an ice water out and set it on the table, I began moving dishes and putting things in place to start taking pictures of this glass of water. Why you ask? Because there was nothing  better to do. I was taking probably my tenth picture when Pastor says "are you really taking pictures of water?" "Yes I am." I said proudly. I continued snapping away. I went about my usual business, turning and moving and fixing every little detail, after about ten minutes of this he finally looked at me and said "Let me see those pictures, there is no way water it is that interesting." "But I haven't gotten the shot I want yet!" Reluctantly I let him see the photos I had taken, and then went back to shooting, these are the finally product that he didn't get to see ;)

Dear Pastor-
     More interesting than you thought eh? :)

Have a Gorgeous day everyone!

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