Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hats and Cards

Hey Everyone,
     So today it was a pretty dreary day at my house, it actually rained for a bit and it just wasn't a good day to go outside so I was stuck inside looking for things to take pictures of, for a while I was actually taking pictures of walls with shadows on them because I had run out of things to photograph in my bedroom.
Some of my shots were:

  How BORING!? A stocking, a hat, and a jewelry holder necklace thing....Not exactly works of art now are they. As I pondered and looked for a more creative photo, I saw a deck of cards. (Actually in the background of the hat photo) I got them out and start shuffling them and then ordering them in the four correct pairs (I'm really not that OCD) After sorting them to my satisfaction I set the hearts on top of the pile and looked at them. All of a sudden a picture came to mind and I immediately set to work getting the shot.

I took so many pictures, trying to get just the right angle and make it look right. I'll save you the time of looking at all of the messy, blurry, and crooked shots I got
     Here was the finally product, and I do believe I succeeded in getting the picture I wanted :)

It's a fun picture and I didn't even have to leave my bed to get it ;)
Have a GRRREAT day everyone! :)

P.S: Don't forget about my Christmas Session special! I'd love to catch your holiday memories ;)

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