Monday, May 6, 2013

Warm Sunny Days

Hi everybody! 

  How has everyone been? Today was such a beautiful day! The sun was shining the birds were out, the grass is getting so green. Everything was screaming take pictures of me!! So I gave into the peer pressure and went outside and took some pictures. 
  Where we live we have a pond and every year we always have ducks and geese and deer all gather around our property in the spring, and so we also get to see all the new goslings and fawns and ducklings. Today there was a mamma and her five little babies down by our pond today, so I sneaked down there and grabbed a few shots of them : 

After I had taken almost a hundred blurry pictures of the ever moving geese I headed back to the house to take some pictures of the bush that we have blooming by our side walk I'm not exactly sure what kind of bush it is but it is always really pretty in the spring time and I love it:

After getting what I wanted from the bush I went and found some dandelions and gave them to my siblings with the incredibly hard job of...blowing on them:

All in all today was quite the productive day and the weather was absolutely marvelous :)
                                                          Have an awesome day everyone :)

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